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Last time I caught up with Khun Joob he told me that heaps of surfers reading the mag wanted to know a posture that could help them stretch out the sides of their bodies. He said they get super tight from paddling out into the ocean and also from surfing the net for cool surf websites!

So, this is the first posture in a series that will help you get flexier in the lats and obliques!!

It?s a great posture not only for the sides of your body but also thighs, calves and hips.

1.????? The right knee bends at a 90 degree angle to the ankle. (never past that point – it?s not good for the knee joint) making sure that the knee is centred, not rolling in or out.

2.????? The left foot slides out about two hip widths to the side. The angle of the left foot is 90 degrees.

3.????? Think about the right knee extending forward to one side while the left foot extends in the opposite direction. That way you will get a great stretch in the hips and the left hamstring.

4.????? There are two options for the arms. A) The right hand touches the mat next to the outside of the right foot and the left arm extends upwards. You want to feel the two hands extending in opposite directions to get an opening sensation in the chest and the shoulder blades.? B) If you are having trouble placing your right hand beside your foot, place your right forearm on your right knee and extend your left arm away from the forearm.

5.????? The more you raise the left hand upwards the more intense the stretch will become down the left side of your body. Don?t forget about the feet, also extending in opposite directions.

6.????? Try not to stick your bottom out at the back, keep your right hip in-line with your right knee as much as possible.

7.????? Hold for a minimum of 20 seconds (a minute would be better) and then swap sides and repeat.

This is another great posture you can add to your stretches before and after a session.



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