This is a great posture to strengthen shoulders, arms, thighs, calves and

ankles. The areas on a surfer?s body that need power to manage the surf.

Not only is a great power posture, it stretches the chest, lungs, neck,

stomach and groin. It?s a good idea to concentrate on stretching out the

chest and lungs when breathing in this posture this can help you increase

your breath capacity.

1. stand with your feet about two hip widths apart. Turn the back foot to

about 45 degrees, The front foot to 90 degrees. The middle of the back

foot should be inline with the heel of the front foot.

2. Breath in and extend the hands upwards with the palms together.

The head can look upward at the hands or forward.

3. Breath out and come into the lunge ? the front knee bends until the

knee is sitting over the top of the ankle. (never more than that). If you

need to lengthen your stance, slide the back foot further away front foot.

4. The back foot needs to feel very strong and grounded. Concentrate on

feeling the outside line (near the little toe) sinking into the ground.

5. Steady breathes while holding for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Repeat and

change legs. Remember, always reaching the hands upwards to feel

a nice stretch in the arms and torso. Always feeling strong in the legs,

to maintain the structure of the pose.

6. To get a more intense stretch in the chest and shoulders you can try an

arm variation. Place one arm one and bend at the elbow, to allow the hands

to drop between the shoulder blades. Bring the under to the side

of the body and bend the elbow to allow the hands to reach up the back

towards the shoulders blades. Reach for the hands and clasp fingers,

if you cannot reach your hands, hold a towel in the top hand and let

the towel drop into the bottom hand. Walk your hands closer together.




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