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There was a time not 20 years ago when it was nearly impossible to find decent Western food on Phuket. Sure, we all love Thai food, but when those pangs for a taste of home kicked in they were usually met with a pretty bland, if not frightening, selection of burgers with funky beef or dodgy sandwiches made with Thai Wonderbread.

This is no longer the case, however, as we now have a plethora of well-established eateries, ranging from basic cafes and bistros to fine restaurants serving world-class cuisine.

One of these is the iconic Two Chefs Bar & Grill. Their distinctive logo depicting Swedish owners/chefs Billy ?gren and Henrik ?jelind in a face to face profile has become one of the most recognizable trademarks on the island, and with good reason: the food is truly outstanding!

Having opened their first restaurant at Kamala Beach in 2000, they moved to Kata Beach in 2001 and have since added another partner (Krister Westberg) and opened new branches at Kata Center and Karon Beach.

The extensive menu is a combination of Classic European along with local ?Modern Thai? selections using the experienced chef?s own twists to create interesting variations on time honored favorites.

?We pride ourselves in starting with the most basic ingredients,? says Chef Billy. ?We don?t take any shortcuts when it comes to our cuisine.?


Fresh vegetables and spices, homemade stocks and sauces, imported meats, and fresh seafood all prepared and served with exquisite presentation make for a scrumptious dining experience. Indeed, we found it difficult to dig into our meal, not wanting to disturb what was quite literally a work of art on a plate. That didn?t last long, however. One delectable bite and we couldn?t put our cutlery down!

One of the more popular items on the Two Chefs menu is their steaks. With 5 mouth-watering selections to choose from, even the most discerning steak aficionado will be satisfied. Try the Steak a?la Gorgonzola ? grilled beef tenderloin gratinated with a rich Gorgonzola cheese and red wine sauce, served with saut?ed asparagus and a forest mushroom risotto. Definitely not a ?slimming? dish, but nothing you can?t burn off with a few hours of surfing, right?

An interestingly unique selection you can find at Two Chefs is their Warm Smoked Salmon which they actually smoke themselves using fresh imported fish.

?The smoked salmon you find around the island is all cold smoked,? explains Chef Billy. ?In our warm smoking process, we heat wood chips in a vessel to 65?-70? and then smoke the salmon inside for 3 hours.?

Two Chefs is probably the only place on Phuket where you can find Warm Smoked Salmon. We have been fortunate enough to try it and can promise you that the complex and rich flavor is indeed different than any other salmon we?ve had. Fantastic!

Awesome Steaks!

Two Chefs? wide-ranging menu has something for everyone. In addition to steaks and Thai selections, they have a good variety of starters, fresh salads, authentic pastas, a large assortment of grilled favorites, distinctive seafoods, and a decadently tempting homemade dessert section. Of course, don?t forget to round off your meal with a glass or bottle from their wide array of specially selected imported wines.

One new addition to the menu is Mexican fare, currently served at the Karon and Kata Center branches and coming soon to the Kata Beach branch.

Chef Billy describes the new dishes as ?Tex-Mex / Tapas style? with smaller portions than their typical dishes. The Mexican menu is available from 11am-6pm, making it perfect for a meal between surf sessions, and the lighter portions won?t make you wish your 6?0? surfboard was a 7?0?!

If you?re looking for a place to stay, check out the Two Chefs Oversea Bungalows, located behind their Kata Beach restaurant. Starting at 700 Baht during the surf season (long term rates are available) these well appointed bungalows with ocean views and within walking distance to Kata Beach are a great choice for your surfing holiday.

Home Made Desserts

Two Chefs Bar & Grill is open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner ? from 8am to Midnight. Each restaurant has a smooth, functional layout with first-class lighting and d?cor creating a comfortable and warm ambiance. We found the staff to be well trained, proficient, attentive, and super friendly; a great all-in-all culinary experience. Two Chefs is definitely a must try for every Phuket visitor or resident who appreciates good food at a good value.

Two Chefs Bar and Grill
Open for Breakfast Lunch, and Dinner
8am-Midnight, 7 Days a Week

Karon Beach
256-7 Patak Road, T. Karon, A. Muang, Phuket 83100
(A short way inland from the Beach Road Roundabout)
Phone: 076 ? 286 479

Kata Center
32 Karon Road, T. Karon, A. Muang, Phuket 83100
(Near Dino Park between Karon and Kata)
Phone: 089 – 195 7928

Kata Beach
229 Koktanod Road, Kata Beach, Phuket 83100
(Across from The Boathouse between Kata and Kata Noi)
Phone: 076 ? 284 155




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