River Severn in Gloucestershire @ Piper

River Severn in Gloucestershire @ Piper

Large crowds watched and applauded surfers on all manner of craft

27 February, 2015 – Thirty surfers took advantage of a bizarre tidal phenomenon in the West country, as they rode a single wave the wrong way up the River Severn. The weird wave is called the Severn Bore, formed in a narrow channel as the tide rises. At some point the wave moves away from the mouth and towards its source, creating a great opportunity for surfers.

The event occurs around twelve times a year and this one was the biggest yet, reaching a height of 10.1 metres. Surfers could be seen running from their cars to get in on the action, as large crowds watched and applauded. Even kayakers managed to get involved, paddling to stay with the wave all the way to the top.




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