13 November 2014, Jinzun Harbor, Taitung-Taiwan:  Round 1 of the ASP/ASC 1-star Taiwan Open of Surfing was run today at Jinzun Harbor in 2-4 foot waves, with only one of the six ASC Round 1 surfers failing to advance into Round 2.


In the ASC Women’s Division, 2013 ASC Champion Rina Kitazawa was knocked out of her first round heat, which now leaves the door open for 5-time Indonesian and 2-time ASC Women’s Champion to grab the 2014 Women’s title with a second place finish or better in the final.


The action got started at just after 7:30 am with Japan’s Takami Nakamura posting the highest score of the Round in the first heat of the day, 8.25 points out of a possible 10.  He went on to add a 6.5 score and nail the day’s highest combined score of 14.75 points (best two waves) out of a possible 20.

Young Wolf Werthiemer, who currently lives in Taiwan, slipped ahead of his surfing buddy Joe Keogh from Hong Kong to post a second place finish in Heat 2 and advance into Round 2 heat in the closest heat of the day between three contestants, with heat winner F Chang posting a 6.75 points total, Wolf a 6.70, and Joe a 6.50.


Bali’s Mega Semadhi put up the ASC contingent’s highest single wave score of 6.60 points in Heat 3, and then added a 6.25 for a combined score of 12.85 to easily win the heat.  He came back to the beach all smiles, saying “ I’ve been here in Taiwan for a couple of weeks already and surfed this place quite a bit, so I’m pretty familiar with it by now. I think that’s why I got a couple of good waves and so it was fun to win my heat.  Last year I was here for month, and I’ll do the same this year.  Hope I can keep getting waves in the next round….I’ll be up against Rory, who I’m staying with, as well as Cikwah from Bali and Dede Suryana. So three of us Indo boys and Rory.  Should be interesting!”


Didaqt from Malaysia won his heat by keeping busy and chipping away at the left-handers and blasting a couple big turns, as did Sima from Bali, while Cikwah also advanced with a couple big backhand hacks getting a second place finish in his heat.


In the ASC Women’s Division, current points leader and 2013 ASC Champ Rina Kitazawa left the door open for Bonne Gea to win this year’s championship by failing to advance out of her first round heat.  After holding second place for most of the heat she was knocked down to third by Dyah Rayahu from Bali, who nailed a couple of nice righthanders while dodging closeouts in possibly the most challenging conditions of the day.  “Dyah got a couple of really good righthanders, so that was lucky for her,” said Rina.  “I didn’t have much luck finding the good waves I needed, as the current was strong and it was difficult to be in the right place.  Mostly it depended on luck out there.  I was sitting on the left as it looked most consistent, but it was still hard to get a good one,” she explained.


This certainly puts the pressure on Rina, as she can only sit on the sidelines and hope that Bonne doesn’t make it through her semifinal matchup.  If Bonne can advance into the finals and get a second place or first place finish, she wins the championship, making it her 3rd ASC Women’s title.


Rina is currently sitting on a total of 3,915 points for her best two results, while Bonne has 3,165, so Bonne must drop her 915 lowest score and add at least 1,800 (2nd place in this event) points to her best score of 2,250, which would give her a total of 4,050 points and the 2014 championship.


“It’s always hard to win, whether there is pressure or not, said Bonne.  “My heat was really was hard and I’m so happy I got a couple good waves.  I hope the conditions are better for my next heat so it will be easier.  But whatever the case, I’ll just do my best and hope that luck is on my side,” she added.


Tomorrow will see Round of 32 of the ASP/ASC QS Men’s Open after the Women’s LQS Round of 12, followed by the Men’s LQS Round of 16, the Women’s LQS Round 2, Pro Junior semifinals, and the ASC Women’s Semifinals.


You can check the heat draws as well as watch the event live at:





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