17 October 2012, Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia:  At a press conference in front of the Rip Curl store in the Utama Mall in Kuala Lumpur on October 15, Rip Curl Malaysia officially announced the dates for the first ever 6-star Asian Surfing Championship surfing competition in Malaysia, the Rip Curl Pro Terengganu, which will take place at Batu Burok Beach in Terengganu from November 30-December 2nd, 2012.

In conjunction with the government of Terengganu, Rip Curl Malaysia is proud to be the first surf brand in Malaysia to sponsor a 6-star rated ASC surfing competition with total prize money of 36,500 MYR (over $12,000 USD) across five surfing divisions; Men’s, Women’s, Longboard, Masters, and Bodyboard, plus a Skateboard Slalom Race and various specialty awards such as “Best Malaysian Surfer” and “Best Surf Wipout” to name but a few.  In addition there will also be 22,500 MYR ($7,500 USD) worth of Rip Curl products given out to the finalists.

In the ASC tour system, events are rated from 1 to 6 stars according to the total prize money available in the Men’s Open Division, with 6 being the second highest rating with a total prize purse of $4,000 USD. The highest rating the Ultima, which boasts a total prize purse of  $5,500 USD, and according to Mr. En Nik Mohd Syahrom from the State Government of Terengganu, the event will be upgraded to an Ultima level next year.

“After the success of last year’s event in Terangganu, we decided this year to up the prize money to the six star level,” said Mr. Syahrom who is the Manager of Promotion and Events for the Terengganu government.  “And have every intention of upgrading it to the highest level, an Ultima event, next year,” he said, which drew loud cheers from the crowd.

With big prize money and valuable ASC championship points on offer, the Rip Curl Pro Terengganu will draw the Asian region’s best professional surfers from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and the Philippines, as well as from other countries including Australia, the USA, and France.

2012 ASC Men’s Open Champion Raditya Rondi from Indonesia is excited about coming back to Malaysia and competing in the Rip Curl Pro Terengganu, saying “I’ve competed in events in Malaysia every year for the last four years and always enjoy the monsoon season so I can go back there to surf, compete, see my friends, and have a great time.  With this year’s event having more prize money and points, I’m super stoked on getting a chance to come back, and hopefully I can win the event this year!”

Rip Curl SEA Marketing Manager James Hendy flew up from Bali to attend the press conference and to personally thank Jon Lee from Rip Curl Malaysia, Bryan Ng as the event organizer, and Mr. Syahrom from the Terengganu State Government for initiating and supporting the event, saying, “On behalf of Rip Curl I’d like to say that I’m really stoked to see such a great event being created here in Malaysia, and I’d like to say a special thanks to Jon and his crew here at Rip Curl Malaysia, to Mr. Syahrom and the government of Terengganu for their support, and to Bryan Ng for putting in so much time to organize what is promises to be the best most exciting surfing event ever held in Malaysia. Thanks again and we’ll see all of you soon in Terengganu!”

Also coming from Bali to attend the press conference was Tim Hain from the ASC, who voiced how delighted he was at how the sport of surfing was progressing in Malaysia.  “I’m very proud of Bryan and the core crew of Malaysian surfers that have ultimately made an event like this possible with their hard work and dedication, as well thankful to the surf brands like Rip Curl that are supporting them and believing in all the positive benefits that the sport of surfing brings to a community. My first trip to Malaysia for a surf contest was in 2008, and I’ve been coming back each year since, and its like a dream come true to have a 6 star ASC event this year.  I’m really excited about the event, and so proud of the surf community here in Malaysia.”

The press conference also included a fashion show with the latest collection of sporty Rip Curl products for men and women being shown off by models from the Amber Chia Academy, and the official signing of Rip Curl Malaysia’s surf team members.

Bryan Ng was officially signed as Rip Curl’s Brand Ambassador for Malaysia, Brenda Lee was signed up as Rip Curl Malaysia’s newest surf team member, and Mohd “Semmy” Suhaimi from Cherating renewed his surfing contract for yet another year.

After a photo session on the podium, the surfers and management of Rip Curl Malaysia together with Tim Hain from the ASC took to the stage and answered questions from the various invited media, then called it a wrap for the afternoon.



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