21 October 2012, Kuta-Bali: In an incredible climax to an action-packed final day of the Rip Curl Surf & Music Festival presented by Axis at Kuta Beach, Bali’s Raditya Rondi not only claimed his second consecutive Rip Curl Surf & Music win but his first Coca-Cola Indonesian Surfing Championship Men’s Open title, adding his name to the elite list of Indonesia’s best surfers that includes Rizal Tanjung, Pepen Hendrik, Made “Bol” Adi Putra, Lee Wilson, Dede Suryana, Putra Hermawan, and Marlon Gerber.

The huge crowd that had been gathering on the beach since mid morning witnessed an epic battle as Darmaputra Tonjo and Raditya Rondi traded blows in a 30 minute final, where Tonjo had nothing to lose and Rondi had the 2012 championship to try and win.

At the start of the day the pressure on Rondi was enormous, as he know he had to win first his quarterfinal heat, then his semifinal heat, and then the final, or two-time ISC champion and current number one ranked Lee Wilson would have the 2012 championship trophy and the big check for 100 million rupiah (almost $10,000 USD) in hand. But Rondi was clearly up to the challenge, to the delight of his friends and fans on the beach that chaired him up to the podium.

When asked the significance of his dual win today, he replied, “This is the biggest thing that has happened in my life for sure.  It’s the biggest win, the biggest prize money, the biggest crowd, the biggest everything.  This is the biggest highlight of my life! “

And how did it feel out there in the final?  “In the last two minutes out there I was so nervous.  Tonjo didn’t get the score he needed on his last wave, so I had to go over by him, hassle a little, because I knew how easy it would be for him to get the score if he got a good wave.  I’m so happy now that it’s done, it was a long day for sure.  Last night I didn’t hardly sleep, and I had a bad dream …but I’m so glad it was only a dream. Tonight maybe I won’t sleep too much either, but that’s because I’ll go out party a bit then I’ll have a good sleep.”

Rondi was crowned the 2012 Asian Surfing Champion in Phuket, Thailand in September, so it has indeed been a great month for that talented young surfer.

Another champion was crowned today as well, as Yasnyiar “Bonne” Gea won her 5th consecutive Coca-Cola ISC Women’s Championship.  Though she didn’t win the event today (she came in second place,) she was all smiles. “I’m so happy…what can I say…5 times Indonesian champion, wow!  It was much harder this year than in years past.  I had to wait and see how Salini did, and when she didn’t make it through her heat it really put the pressure on me.  Lucky I got a few waves so I won my heat, and got the championship.”

Winning the Women’s Division was Thailand’s Annissa Flynn, who is the newly crowned 2012 Asian Surfing Championship’s Women’s Champion, at just 14 years of age. “This is my first win here in Indonesia, so its one I’ll always remember,” she said.  “After winning the ASC Women’s title in my home country of Thailand, then to come here a month later and win my first Indonesian comp is unbelievable.  I’m only 14 so to do all this in just a short time is kinda crazy, isn’t it?  I’m super stoked about it all.”

In the much-anticipated South East Asia GromSearch Final, it was Koko Mitsua from Nua Dua going head to head with Raju Sena from Kuta. Swapping the lead on virtually every wave ridden, in the final minute it was Mitsua that came out on top and wins the coveted all expense paid trip to Bells Beach next year to represent Indonesia at the World GromSearch Finals.  “I’m so happy that I won today, this is my best win ever, especially here in Kuta with everybody watching.  To get to travel to Australia is a dream come true, as I’ve never been there before, and I hope I can be a good representative for Indonesia.  It’s my last year as a junior, so it’s the perfect way to end it.”

The Rip Curl Surf & Music Festival is the final event of the Coca-Cola Indonesian Surfing Championship each year, and for the second consecutive year has been a dual sanctioned event with the Asian Surfing Championships.  Men and women surfers from Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, the Philippines and other Asian countries come to compete each year and enjoy the surfing, skating, and music on had at Kuta Beach.

This year drink sponsors, Smirnoff Ice, San Miguel Light, and Gilbeys provided refreshments during the weekend, as Skullcandy rocked the beach with their huge sound system and great tunes, all giving the spectators contestants, passer’s-by ample reason to stick around and enjoy the show.

The day was wrapped up by a skate competition set up in a beachside parking lot, with the area’s best skaters competing for cash and prizes before heading over to the giant beachside stage where a night full of rocking music would finish off the epic weekend.

To see all the action from the 2012 Rip Curl Surf & Music Festival, check out http://www.isctour.com/events/RSMF12 and www.asia.ripcurl.com, and newsfeed available at https://ripcurl.box.com/files/0/f/444889843/TV_Newsfeeds

Surf Competition Results:

Men’s Open Division

1st – Raditya Rondi (Bali)

2nd – Darmaputra Tonjo (Bali)

3rd – (Equal) – Marlon Gerber (Bali) and Pepen Hendrik (Bali)


Women’s Open Division

1st – Annissa Flynn (Thailand)

2nd –  Yasnyiar “Bonne” Gea (Sumatra)

3rd – Diah Rahayu (Bali)

4th – Dhea (Bali)


SEA GromSearch Final

1st – Koko Mitsua (Bali)

2nd – Raju Sena (Bali)

3rd (Equal) Andre Anwar (Sumbawa) and Dian Hardianto (West Java)

Skate Competition Results:

1. Keanuw
2. Sangoe
3. Jye

1. Rino Padang
2. Dewa Oka
3. Kyori

Best Trick: Andrew Remote (Trick = Big Spin Indy Grab)



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