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Hotel Komune, Keramas, November 27, 2014- Coca-Cola and Surftime Magazine in association with Hotel Komune, Quiksilver and Ticket to the Moon are proud to announce that Putra Hermawan of Nusa Lembongan has won the winner take all Free For all freesurfing tournament at Keramas. A unique one day event that gathered the best surfers in Indonesia for an unforgettable day of high voltage freesurfing.


By the lights of their fabulous beachside pool, General Manager Wayne Moffat personally presented Hotel Komune’s Grand prize of Rp.20,000,000 to a very stoked Putra immediately following the night session.


Not your usual contest, this tournament featured an open line-up with over 15 invitees that surfed an unlimited all day session and then a one hour night session under the famed Hotel Komune stadium lights. A true freesurfers dream in great four to five foot conditions, this tournament featured no heats, no jersey’s, no horns, no judges…only a full day of pure surfing. And in the end, a small panel of experts announced the best surfer of the day.


With such luminaries as Rizal Tandjung, Garut Widiarta, Mustofa Jeksen, Marlon Gerber and Benji Weatherly in the water, the action was non-stop as Indonesia’s best were free to surf their finest with absolutely no restrictions. But try as they might, it was still Nusa Lembongan’s Putra Hermawan who clawed his way to the top of the heap for the win.


Also unique was that the line-up was not closed to the public. Which gave any surfer the chance to surf alongside their heroes and spur them on. The entire day felt more like a family gathering than anything else, as the whole tribe embraced the spirit of the event, watching on from the comfort of Hotel Komune and hooting at every great move. Wives and children were also welcome and most of them could be seen cavorting poolside as surfers like Quiksilver’s Darmayasa Bleronk went for broke in the surf scant yards away.


The night session was a revelation, with Hotel Komune cranking up their stadium lights for an explosive one hour night session that ended up deciding the winner. Though the competition was stiff, it was Putra Hermawan who impressed the panel the most with his overall performance of barrels, aerials and wild cutbacks. It was a beaming Hermawan that held aloft the Free For All trophy and Rp. 20,000,000 in cash by night’s end.



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