Just in case you haven’t checked out insider Dede Suryana’s latest adventures “Backstage with Dede Suryana” during the Quiksilver Pro and Roxy Pro on the Goldy, here is the chronological rundown of episodes 1-8 for you.

There are still six days left, today being the second lay day of the event, but Contest Director Jake “the Snake” Paterson is confident that this weekend the conditions will improve and we’ll soon see the showdown between the best surfers in the world at the legendary Snapper Rocks.  Meanwhile, there are lots more adventures on tap for Dede, Tipi, Rio and the gang before the final day, so follow along on www.facebook.com/QUIKSILVER.INDONESIA and www.facebook.com/roxy.id as well as on www.balibelly.tv and www.royalvideomagazine.com

Backstage with Dede Suryana, Episode 1:

In this video we see Dede preparing for his trip by sparring in Java with Ry Craike, picking out some gear from his local Quiksilver store, and dropping into Luke Studer’s surfboard factory in Bali to sort out his weapons.




Backstage with Dede Suryana, Episode 2: 


Dede, Tipi and Rio land in Australia then go for a quick surf at

Snapper Rocks, the venue for the Quiksilver Pro 2012.




Backstage with Dede Suryana, Episode 3:


Dede competing at Quiksilver Pro 2012 trials.




Backstage with Dede Suryana, Episode 4:


Dede Suryana and crew take in some comp action before heading off to chomp on some meat pies at the footy.




Backstage with Dede Suryana, Episode 5:


Dede and Tipi drop into the Quiksilver Foundation (http://the-quiksilver-initiative.com/Foundation) space that showcases some of brand’s global charitable activities, including their environmental partnership with Coca Cola in Bali.



Backstage with Dede Suryana, Episode 6:


Stephanie Gilmore, 4x Surfing World Champion, speaks with Dede’s pit boss Tipi Jabrik about her recent journey to Senegal where she participated in a Quiksilver Foundation initiative of planting fruit trees to create sustainable incomes for rural households in a remote Anamb้ village.




Backstage with Dede Suryana, Episode 7:


Dede sees the sunrise from the air as he floats across the rolling hills of the Gold Coast hinterland in a hot air balloon!





Backstage with Dede Suryana, Episode 8:


Dede, Tipi, and Rio go for a thrilling ride on the Paradise Jet Boat, which reaches speeds of 80km/hour. Then they caught up with the Quiksilver Young Guns crew for a shred sesh at nearby South Stradbroke Island.





Much more to come, so stay tuned!




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